What are the 8 Psychic Clair Senses?

“Clair” in French translates to clear. A Clair Sense is defined as a “Clear Psychic Sense”. Many articles about the Clair Senses define 4 or 5 psychic senses. In my research, I’ve found that there are actually 8 Clair Senses. In the Exploring Clairaudience Group on Facebook, we discover and share our experiences with all 8 of the Clair Senses. People in different cultures have experienced the Clair Senses for centuries. Many people experience more than one Clair Sense throughout their lifetime. Most people have a "Primary Clair Sense", a sense that they experience more prominently and more often than the others. It's not uncommon to experience more than one Clair Sense at a time.

There's been several well-known people throughout history that have documented, detailed psychic experiences. Joan of Arc had experienced Clairaudience while planning the army's next battle move. Nostradamus, a French Prophet of the 1500's, wrote books with several predictions about the future of world events. He's been referred to as a "Seer", someone who has visions of the future. It's believed that he predicted the rise of Adolf Hitler, the French Revolution and the rise of Napoleon, amongst many other natural disasters throughout history. A "Seer" experiences visions or clear psychic seeing, also defined as Clairvoyance.

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What are the 8 Clair Senses?

Clairaudience (Clear Psychic Hearing)-Clairaudience can be experienced internally or externally. When Clairaudience is experienced internally it may sound like your own internal thoughts, however, Clairaudience experiences can be differentiated. Internal Clairaudience voices may have a different accent, use different terms or lingo or may simply be knowledge that you previously didn’t have. A common way people experience external Clairaudience is hearing their name when no one is around. You may also hear music or different sounds that others may or may not hear.

Clairvoyance (Clear Psychic Seeing)-Clairvoyance can also be experienced internally or externally. Internally, you may experience flashes of images in your mind’s eye that are symbols or signs. Sometimes this happens quickly, I would describe it as an image flashing onto an old video projector. Externally you may physically see a spirit or entity. Clairvoyance is, in some ways, similar to dreaming.

Claircognizance (Clear Psychic Knowing)-Claircognizance occurs when you simply “know” something that you had no previous knowledge of. When someone experiences Claircognizance often their friends/family may refer to them as a "human lie detector". Many people who experience Clairvoyance have visions of the future or the present.

Clairempathy (Clear Psychic Emotional Feeling)-Many people who are Clairempthic often refer to themselves as an Empath. This term seems to be more widely used than ever before. Clairempathy occurs in many different ways. Many people who experience Clairempathy get overwhelmed in large crowds of people, because other people's emotions are easily projected onto them. This can occur when watching movies, television or listening to music. They are sometimes referred to as "too sensitive". They can also tell what other people are feeling emotionally without being told.

Clairsentience (Clear Psychic Physical Feeling)- Clairsentience is often confused with Clairempathy. Clairsentience is actually a physical feeling that occurs. Getting goosebumps (when there's no "logical" reason) or feeling the hair on your neck stand up in situations is a sign of Clairsentience. In some cases, people experience the pain others are having without being told.

Clairsalience (Clear Psychic Smelling)- Clairsalience is an interesting Clair Sense. A person could smell smoke before a fire has started or cigar smoke similar to what their grandfather used to smoke. None of these smells seem to have a "logical" source. While in the parking lot of a large home improvement store, I was walking down the isle of the parking lot toward the entrance, all of the sudden I smelled the sent of cinnamon. I looked around and there was no one close to me. There wasn't a source for the smell. All of the sudden I thought of my mother. She passed away in 2008 at age 41. Before she passed away I had begun making soy candles and selling them at a local flea market. She often came to help me set up and help customers. I thanked her by making her candles. She would always request a red hot cinnamon candle. As that memory crossed my mind, I smiled. I believe that was a sign from her that she was alright and that she was still watching over me.

Clairtangency (Clear Psychic Touching)-I remember watching a movie long ago. In the movie a woman had picked up an item at an antique store and she almost instantly knew the story behind the item. The store clerk was unsure about the history, but the woman purchased the item and did some research of her own to find out where it had come from. She found that she had been spot on about the items history. This seems to happen more often in movies than in life, but it does happen.

Clairgustance (Clear Psychic Tasting)- Clairgustance is a less common Clair Senses. It occurs when you taste something that you haven't eaten. You could taste cookies or cinnamon. Most commonly it's a taste that reminds you of someone in your life that has passed on.

Since 2020, I've worked with clients to help them develop and understand their Clair Senses. It's interesting that many people experience the Clair Senses in a past, present or future tense. You can find more information about the Clair Senses on the Psychic Medium School™ with Sarah Harvey podcast on Spotify.

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