Connecting with my Deceased Mother

Updated: Sep 8

You may be shocked when I tell you this, but as a Psychic Medium the most difficult person to connect with on the other side was my own mother. My mom passed away in 2008 of an accidental prescription overdose. She was gone for about 24 hours before the ambulance was called. The prescription medication wasn’t hers and that’s an entire story on its own. I had a lot of different unexplainable experiences within the first 3 weeks after she passed away. She appeared in my dreams, as a full-bodied apparition, things in my house would fall and then after 3 weeks everything just stopped.

It wasn’t until 2020 that I decided I was going to try to reconnect with her. At that time, I had started offering Mediumship Readings professionally. I tried to connect with her, and I was finding it difficult for some reason. Needing a little advice, I spoke to my cousin about it, and she offered an explanation that made complete sense. She said, “What if she isn’t connecting with you because she doesn’t think you’re ready?” This really wasn’t something that I had considered, after all, I communicate with spirits with different personalities daily.

A month goes by and I just kind of brush it off. Being busy doing readings and brainstorming new business ideas, I just put it on the back burner. Then one day after doing a Mediumship Reading for a client, I decided to take a break outside on my porch to clear my mind while I prepared for my next reading. All the sudden, I heard my mom’s voice. It was a little surprising, after all, I had tried to connect with her, and she wasn’t responding. The things she said were comforting. They were personal and I was a teary-eyed mess after listening to what she had to say.

It was that moment that I realized how much the Mediumship Readings I was doing impacted other people’s lives. Communicating with Spirits on a regular basis, I sometimes forget that other people don’t have the ability to do this. Many people tell me that they wish that their loved ones would reach out in their dreams, and they struggle to understand why they don’t.

Knowing the things I know now, I can tell you that sometimes it’s our own loved ones that are the hardest to communicate with, even for seasoned Psychic Mediums. There are a 3 things that I’d like to share with you about the way that Spirits Communicate to help you understand what Spirit Communication is like from my experience.

1. Spirits still have the same personality after they’d passed on. If they were funny, they will continue to be that way. The same goes if they were bitter or narcissistic. If there is something that you wished that your loved one would have apologized for while living that they didn’t, you’re most likely not going to get an apology if they still don’t feel like they were wrong.

2. Spirits rarely want to talk about anything negative. If they communicated suicide or they were killed, most spirits will avoid talking about it, because it brings them pain.

3. Spirits don’t communicate the same with every Psychic. Some Psychics receive visual images, some receive projected emotions, some can here what the spirit is saying, some just know the information. Personally, I can feel their emotions, I can hear what they are saying, I can see a visual of them and they sometimes show me images of other things they want me to see.

It's my hope that sharing this with you will help you understand why you may have difficulties getting signs from your loved one that has passed on.

Love & light,

Psychic Medium Ms. Sarah Harvey

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